What is an Urgent Care Center?
An Urgent Care Center is a walk-in medical clinic for evaluating and treating acute medical problems. No appointment is needed, and most problems can be treated in a single visit.
How is an Urgent Care Center different from a doctor’s office?
Urgent Care Centers like Collier Urgent Care specialize in acute care for issues that you are experiencing right now. We see you immediately, without an appointment, and we treat the problem you have today without the typical delays.
Do you take my insurance?

We accept most insurance plans. See the complete list of insurances here, or call with your information.

What if I don’t have health insurance?
You don’t need to have health insurance to be treated at Collier Urgent Care – we offer our services to all patients. Our self-pay prices are reasonable, and are based on the severity of your problem and the services you receive.
Are your doctors board certified?
All Collier Urgent Care Centers physicians are board certified.
Are your nurses experienced?

Registered nurses at Collier Urgent Care are highly experienced.

Can you do x-rays?
We have advanced on-site digital x-ray systems at all locations.